Easy upload

It’s great if your assets are already digitised. If not, simply shoot and upload. The Family Vault will combine multiple files into one accessible document.

Freeze and Thaw

Family Vault’s cloud storage gives you the flexibility to define a period of inactivity and set your own alerts for actions on your assets and events.

Customisable Vault

Grant access to only those you trust. Define roles for them – trusted users, executors – depending on the nature of your assets. Set editing and unlocking parameters for your assets.

End of Life Users

Your assets have an after life. Defined period of inactivity, so that your designated End of Life (EOL) users can confirm the fact of your death and unlock the asset that concerns them.


Set alerts for medical or auto insurance renewals, property tax due dates and other important dates for you and your family.


Every document you upload on your Family Vault account is encrypted. Only you can choose who can access, edit or unlock your assets in your absence. Define depth of access to your users – full or partial.


Get notified every time a user updates your asset bank or event calendar.

Leave nothing to chance.
Secure everything that matters to you. Today.