Secure your assets for life

No one plans for accidents to happen. For systems to fail or trusted ones to betray us. But they do. At Family Vault we understand how important it is for you to keep your critical documents and information safe from deliberate and unintentional damage. Not just for your sake, but also for your family and loved ones when you are not around to hold their hands.

Which is why we put our heads together to create a one-stop solution for all your asset storage and management requirements. It is a Vault that you create and manage. It is live, interactive and completely customisable.

There are a hundred things in life you cannot control. But for the few things you can, we suggest you take charge right away.

Speak tech? Here’s what you
should know about Family Vault

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  • familyvault
Secure (multi-factor authentication) and encrypted on cloud
Access through web or APP (with offline cache)
Dashboard & Calendar to manage life events & assets
Comprehensively helps capture all key information about the family
Flexible and controlled access & sharing for trusted users
Legacy and Estate management with control and multi-layer access
  • Events Reminder

    Create a calendar for dates that matter to you

  • Asset Details

    Your dashboard for assets uploaded in your Vault

  • Trusted Users and Executors

    Choose your circle of Users and Executors who can access your asset after your demise

  • End Of Life (EOL) Users

    Choose users who can confirm your EOL for Executors to unlock assets

A safe place for your assets

With Family Vault, you can upload your sensitive assets to our system allowing complete or partial access to people you trust. Manage your assets without worrying about security. Let your trusted individuals know and execute your assets’ necessaries. Pass on your actions even when you are no more. We guarantee 100% safe handling of your assets, right as per your wishes.

Leave nothing to chance.
Secure everything that matters to you. Today.